Lovely Match Deluxe

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Tags: Puzzle
Description: Lovely Match Deluxe is a classic match 3 game with some unique kind of puzzles. In this game, along with hearts, you will find a boy and girl inside the puzzle board. Each time, if swapping 2 adjacent block make a row or column of 3 or more than 3 similar blocks, they will be removed and rest all other blocks will be shifted down to fill the gap. In this way, you get opportunity to re-position boy and girl blocks from on place to another. Using this opportunity, you can complete your goal for getting the boy and girl block near to one another.
Apart from swapping and shifting, you have one more way to re position the boy and girl blocks. After each 10 matches, boy and girl blocks can be moved to other swapping block. This capability of these blocks will be notified to you by a magic circle around both blocks. You can use this only on one block.
There are 40 challenging levels in this game. Though your goal will remain same to complete any level, but the challenge and way of completing each level would be different because of different kind of designing for each level.
How to play: Use mouse to play this game.