Samurai Jack Game

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Tags: Action
Description: As a Samurai, infiltrate deep into the enemy territory and gain victory over all evil.

Samurai were the members of the military class of the Japanese warriors,and their most famous weapon and symbol was the sword. Samurai were supposed to lead their lives according to the ethical "Code Of The Samurai" comprising of elements such as loyalty to one's master,self discipline and respectful, ethical behavior.After a defeat,some samurai chose to commit ritual suicide by cutting their abdomen rather than being captured or dying a dishonorable death! You have to play the role of a brave Samurai called Samurai Jack and defeat the enemy and win the battle against evil,abiding by the ethical code of the Samurais. Make your way deep into the enemy territory avoiding all the threats and proceed further.
How to play: Move Left: Left Arrow Key
Move Right: Right Arrow Key
Jump: Up Arrow Key
Crouch:Down Arrow Key
Attack: Space Bar