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Tags: Skill
Description: you are tested whether you will fall for the charm of a pretty. You act as a handsome boy with black sunglasses and little beard and say that the best is yet to come at the introduction part. There are four levels in total each level has a very beautiful and charming girl in fashionable wears and shoulder-length hair. These girls would say some lovely words to you to disturb you. There are many small white balls in clean order in the scene. When you begin to play, two or three pink snakes move quickly in uncertain directions that stand for the alluring behavior of that girl. What you shall do is to keep a yellow dot away from these pink snakes that represent you are in clear mind to keep away from the girl. There will be a power volume in the game. Every time the pink snake bites the yellow dot, it will reduce the value of this power volume. When the power runs out, you will lose the game that means you have fallen for the charms of the girl. So do it now to measure your self-control ability.